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SHORT FILM 1997/29min

The main characters are six men and women who are completely underground to one another but who have been given false memories and are living together as a family in a capsule hall. They know nothing about the outside world, and the everyday routines of their lives, lived out in this artificial drama, have been broadcast live as a real-life soap opera in the imaginary community of Champon City. The innovative storyline and offbeat air of unreality in this film caused a sensation both in Japan and overseas. Its funky stylistic senses, along with the cutting-edge visuals in its provocative images, works together to create an oddly appealing film that demands repeated viewing.


Director / Character Design / Worldview Setting: Kohji Morimoto
Screenplay: Kohji Morimoto, Dai Satoh / Series Concept: Shinichi Matsumi
Choreography: Naoko Minami / Music: Kohchi Chito
Illustration Director: Takamitsu Kondoh / Art Director: Hiroshi Katoh
Color Setting: Shigenobu Umine / CGI Director: Mitsuhiro Satoh
Producer: Eiko Tanaka
Production Beyond C.

©Beyond C.