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le Saunda

CM 2000

This is a Koji Morimoto directed piece that features the year 2000 AW pumps, “Mary Jane”, by the Hong Kong sports footwear manufacturer, “Le Saunda”. Set in the near future of Hong Kong, a female android is chased after because she awakens from self-consciousness. Chased to a rooftop, she throws herself into the city that stretches before her eyes. At that moment, an advertisement for Le Saunda catches her eye. [Change Your Life, Le Saunda] Repeated like a spell, the narration of “Change Your Life, Le Saunda” also leaves a deep impression.
Year 2000 Times’ Asia-Pacific Advertising Awards, Special Category (Bronze Award) 42nd Annual CLIO AWARDS Television/Cinema Animation-Computer (Silver Award)


Dir.Koji Morimoto

©Koji Morimoto/Beyond C.