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DVD 2001/23min

Six artists active in the areas of animation, commercials, comic books, video games, and cinema were invited to serve as directors of this collection of short animated films. This omnibus DVD contains an unadulterated “100% condensed juice,” incorporating the most innovative technology and an edgy sensibility.

[The Saloon in the Air] 4'26” Dir. Koji Morimoto
These are experimental images that Koji Morimoto created in 3D using live action footage. The setting is a saloon that floats in the sky. The events that unfold one evening as bizarre charactors gather in the saloon are recounted from the point of view of the main character,Wine-chan.

[Chicken's insurance] 3'24” Dir. Hiroaki Ando
This original work by Hiroaki Ando, a major production of Studio4°C, makes use of CGI direction. This confident use of computer graphics breaks through existing frameworks of animation in a variety of ways, and presents animation supposedly produced by chickens.

[KEIKAKU] 2'08” Dir. Hidekazu Ohara
Hidekazu Ohara is known for his unique animations in commercials for products such as CC Lemon and Qoo bottled water. The intense action of this film takes place in a town in the Muromachi era. The beauty of his style, from the timing of the action to the patterns on the costumes (Kimono), is worthy of note.

[table&fishman] 5'18” Dir. Osamu Kobayashi
The moment they encounter an infinity symbol, the two characters, Jack and Stefany, find themselves racing rapidly into the infinite in this love story by Osamu Kobayashi, who has worked in illustration and design in areas such as commercials, video games, and animated films.

[In the evening of a moonlight night] 2'35” Dir. Kazuyoshi Yaginuma
This is the first original work by Kazuyoshi Yaginuma, who has been in charge of countless original drawings for animated films and who has also worked as a computer graphics animator. Superb color and sound effects add much to this tale of a girl and two boys on a moonlight.

[TOJIN KIT] 2'09” Dir. Tatsuyuki Tanaka
This is the preview footage for the first original work by Tatsuhiro Tanaka, who has been involved in original drawing, continuity, story boards, and character design for a number of animated films. The unique world portrayed in the comic book version of this story comes to life in animated form.

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