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TV 2002

「STUDIO4°C has been responsible for the worldview look and design, and CG production of NHK Education’s popular TV show, “The Gifted Bit”, which has continually produced such successive hit corners as “Gramon Battle” since the show began in 2001. The virtual world of “Bit Land” was constructed using 3DCG, and by composite filming with live-action on art sets produced by CG settings, enabling dramatic development. Filming progresses as various CG operations are conducted to an actor’s acting and movements during shooting. This is a special direction that is unlike the typical animation production. An ambitious work that saw Hidekazu Ohara , the artistic director for MEMORIES―CANNON FODDER, Daisuke Nakayama, who did character design for Tweeny Witches, Hideki Futamura, director of JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE, and new STUDIO4°C animator Kazuya Nomura bring their unique styles together to challenge themselves in new territory.


“Bit Land” design: Hidekazu Ohara / Daisuke Nakayama /
Hideki Futamura
Design: Shuichi Ohara, Daisuke Nakayama, Hideki Futamura
Production: NHK