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MOVIE 2003

“Animatrix” was indispensable to the perfection of “Matrix” How was “Animatrix” conceived?
There were many inside stories on “Matrix” in different places. Then came the prelude to “Matrix Reloaded”…
Making free use of CG animation and expression through innovative visuals, the nine omnibus episodes link the “Matrix” trilogy. “Animatrix” is a special project that began with the collaboration of the Wachowski Brothers and the world’s foremost creators, lead by the Japanese. Studio4°C produced all nine episodes, of which five (Second Renaissance Part 1/2, Kids Story, Beyond, Directive Story) were actually produced in our very own studios. Mahiro Maeda, Shinichiro Watanabe, and Koji Morimoto joined this project as directors. Released simultaneously worldwide, the DVD achieved extraordinary sales for an animation. For a limited time only, the movie was shown at Roppongi Hills.

©2003 Warner Home Video. All Rights Reserved.


[The Second Renaissance Part 1/Part 2]
Dir. Mahiro Maeda
Scr. Andy & Larry Wachowski

Dir / Scr. Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Production studio MADHOUSE

[Detective Story]
Dir / Scr. Shinichiro Watanabe
Production studio STUDIO4°C

[The Final Flight of the Osiris]
Dir. Andy Jones
Scr. Andy & Larry Wachowski
Production studio Square USA

[Kid's Story]
Dir. Shinichiro Watanabe
Scr. Andy & Larry Wachowski
Production studio STUDIO4°C

[World Record]
Dir. Takeshi Koike
Scr. Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Production studio MADHOUSE

Dir / Scr. Koji Morimoto
Production studio STUDIO4°C

Dir / Scr. Peter Chung
Production studio DNA Inc