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The Capricious Robot

DVD 2004/23min

These films are based on the stories of Shin'ichi Hoshi, one of Japan's most prominent science fiction writers, revered as the king of the short-short story. These nostalgic stories take place in a world of far-out fantasy, but they feature a humorous human touch. Now these unique stories have been turned into 10 comical animated cartoons of two minutes each. they caused a sensation when distributed through Yahoo! Japan. Among the main characters, the wonderfully inventive professor is voiced by Toshiyuki Itakura of the comedy duo “Impulse”, and his charming assistant by Megumi. In fact, these two entertainers have taken on the task of providing the voices for all the characters. The music is produced by Seiichi Yamamoto (MIND GAME) and an odd robot. This is a heartwarming set of robot stories for the 21st century.


Original novel. Shin'ichi Hoshi
Original concept design. Yoshiharu Ashino
[The Capricious Robot] : Dir. Yoshiharu Asino
[An Incident at Night] : Dir. Yasuyuki Shimizu
[Three Wishes] : Dir. Chie Uratani
[The Sleepyhead Robot] : Dir. Masahiko Kubo
[The Emissary of Civilization] : Dir. Yumi Chiba
[The Strange Robot] : Dir. Yasuhiro Aoki
[Spy Catcher] : Dir. Yasuhiro Aoki
[Hino-yojin] : Dir. Yasuyuki Shimizu
[The Purpose of the Invasion] : Dir. Yasuhiro Aoki
[Medicine] : Dir. Nobutake Ito

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