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Tweeny Witches

TV 2004 / 9min × 40episodes + 22min × 6episodes

Studio 4°C’s first real television series.
The original story was created by Keita Amemiya, the SF artist who created such projects as “Tekkouki Mikazuki” and “Zeiramu”. The refined design and surreal setting clearly draw a sharp distinction from previous young witch animations, laying out a distinctively Studio4°C style. The elaborately created main setting of “The World of Magic” together with plots that are full of wit, form a series in which not only each individual character’s charm, but also “The World of the Story” can be enjoyed just as equally. Additionally, this animation utilizes a production style that is commonly referred to as “Actor Recording”, where the voice actors’ performances are recorded first and the moving visuals are created to match them. This method, which appealingly utilizes the voice actors’ unrestricted performances, displays a unique and distinctive quality, successfully bringing a new impact to the screen.


Original creator:Keita Amemiya
Screenplay by Shinji Obara
Director:Yoshiharu Ashino
Charactor designer / Art design:Daisuke Nakayama
Music:Tamiya Terashima
Co-Director:Yasuhiro Aoki / Masahiko Kubo / Yasuyuki Shimizu / Toru Yoshida / Shogo Furuya / Hiroaki Ando
Animation Director:Kenichi Yamaguchi / Kazuya Nomura / Hideki Sekiguchi /
Color stylist:Tomoko Washida
CGI Supervisor:Akiko Saito
CGI Director:Mayu Ito / Takuma Sakamoto
Audio Director:Keiichiro Miyoshi
Director of photography:Hisashi Goseki
Animation Producer:Eiko Tanaka
Produced by

©雨宮慶太/魔法少女隊 Project原作:雨宮慶太