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MOVIE 2004/103min

Theatrical animation film, “Mind Game”, is the directorial debut of the highly gifted animator, Masaaki Yuasa. Fusing together live action with both 2D and 3D, this is a hybrid movie that metamorphoses from back alleys to space through the use of brilliant technique. The music that gives this innovative visual interpretation energy and depth was produced by Seiichi Yamamoto who is highly praised around the world for his Rashinban unit and ROVO. For the voice actors, a collaboration with Yoshimoto Kogyo brought the talents of Koji Imada, Takashi Fujii, Tomomitsu Yamaguchi (DonDokoDon), and others. The participation of this splendid cast created quite a sensation. In 2004—the year that brought one large animation film release after another—it was successfully bestowed two awards (Grand Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival, Noburo Ohfuji Award at the Mainichi Film Contest).


Director / Screenplay: Masaaki Yuasa
Original Story: Nishi Robin
Music: Seiichi Yamamoto
Supervising Animation Director: Yuichiroh Suekichi
Art Director: Tohru Hishiyama
CGI Director: Keisuke Sasakawa
Design/ Assistant Animation Director: Masahiko Kubo

©2004 MIND GAME Project