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DVD 2004/23min

Toshizo Hijikata, samurai in the turbulent times at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate's reign.
Born the son of a farmer in Bushu-Ishida Villag, he learned to fight and use a sword as a youth, earning the nickname baragaki. As he made his way from Edo to Kyoto, he grew into a warrior, and together with his friend Isami Kondo, formed the famous samurai band, the Shinsengumi. Shirono-Kiseki follows Toshizo Hijikata's life from his days as feared Shinsengumi lieutenant to his tragic death in the chaos that erupted at the end of an era.
Directed by Chie Uratani, animation director for PRINCESS ARETE and TEKKONKINKREET. Her warm style brings the characters to vivid life, capturing the pathos of the time and its people. With advice from historical novelist Yutaka Hagio, this is a fully-realized account of Toshizo Hijikata's turbulent life and times.


Dir.:Chie Uratani
©2004 葵プロモーション・Beyond C.