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DVD 2006/57min

"DEEP IMAGINATION" is the omnibus animation film of SWEAT PUNCH SERIES, and includes five short stories entitled "DAN PETRY'S BLUE", "END OF THE WORLD", "COMEDY", "HIGAN", and "JUNK TOWN", which are directed by distinct and talented creators. This film is produced by STUDIO 4℃, a top creators group in Japan who works high quality pieces such as "EXTRA (Ken Ishii's music clip)", "MEMORIES", "ANIMATORIX", "MIND GAME" and any other challenging animation films intended for the world.

[A WAKE IN GARAKUTA TOWN]/Dir. Nobutake Ito 13 minutes
One summer day, a young boy encounters a little robot at a shopping arcade--a hungry little robot, it turns out, as he devours one machine after the other, growing in size with each "meal." This story of a boy, a machine, and their little adventure is the tale of an unusual friendship, enriched by the details of daily life and seen through the director's unique visual style.
Nobutake Ito is a flag-bearer for the next generation of animators. His ample ability in both presentation and animation garnered him recognition through his work on films like Hideki Anno's Kare Kano and Shinichiro Watanabe's Samurai Champloose. This, his directorial debut, is sure to attract attention for its explosive visual power, as well as its delicate portrayal of life through a child's eyes.

[DAN PETRY'S BLUE]/Dir. Hidekazu Ohara 10 minutes
A drunken professor, Dan Petry, controls a puppet doll named Junior, and explains in layman’s terms (?), “Why do UFOs fly in a zigzag pattern?”

[END OF THE WORLD]/Dir. Osamu Kobayashi 10 minutes
A young girl named Yuko escapes from a world different from her own, where humans live. Returning to her world with Kazumi, a girl she met at a live club, she retaliates against the evil queen. The new and powerful director, Osamu Kobayashi, works in many areas including CMs, games, and animation. The audience will be overwhelmed by the unique character designs, the street-life setting, and the music by Lolita 18.

[COMEDY]/Dir. Kazuto Nakazawa 11 minutes
Based on Shubert’s “Lucifer”, the adventures of the “Black Knight” are drawn with an overwhelming expressiveness. In addition to designing the characters and directing the animation for the theatrical version of “Digimon Adventures 02”, director, Kazuto Nakazawa, is also active as an illustrator with a unique touch.

[HIGAN]/Dir. Yasushi Muraki 8 minutes
Set in a battlefield, this is a “weapons and mecha” animation. What did the soldiers see on HIGAN (the other shore)…? Yasushi Muraki, the director, has worked as the animation mecha/effects man on many films, including “Pat Labor, the Movie”, “Memories”, and “Ghost in the Shell”. He has established a reputation for his drawings and his talent is fully portrayed in this film.

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