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Genius Party

MOVIE 2007/102min

The limitation is ZERO.
Gifted creators in the Japanese animation industry gathered at STUDIO4℃, an animation studio best known for its masterpieces such as "Animatrix" and "Tekkonkinkreet." The project name is "Genius Party."
A revolutionary party movie has been born. There'se no limitation to the creativity of the seven spirited directors, includeing Shinichiro Watanabe, Shoji Kawamori and more. The first series includes an episode played by starring famous actor Yuya Yagira, who won Best Actor Award at the 57th Cannes, and actress Rinko Kikuchi, who received much attention at the 2007 Academy Awards. In February 2008, there was the world premiere screening of "Genius Party" during the Japan Festival at the Kennedy Center as a representative of Japanese culture.
Highly unique styles of seven directors interplay and stimulate your sensibilities.

Cast: Yuya Yagira /Rinko Kikuchi / Tomomitsu Yamaguchi / Taro Yabe / Rakuto Tochihara / Hisahiro Ogura / Hiroshi Mikami

music: Kaoru Inoue / Toshio Nakagawa / Seiichi Yamamoto/

combopiano: FENNESZ / Nobukazu Takemura / Yoko Kanno / NICHIKA

Record producer: Shinichiro Watanabe


Dir. Atsuko Fukushima

Dir. Shoji Kawamori

Dir. Shinji Kimura

#4 [Doorbell]
Dir. Yoji Fukuyama

Dir. Hideki Futamura

#6 [Happy machine]
Dir. Masaaki Yuasa

Dir. Shinichiro Watanabe

©Genius Party