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Detroit Metal City

DVD 2008/14min×12story

“This is NOT the type of band I wanted to be part of!” This is the animated interpretation of Kiminori Wakasugi’s gag manga, “Detroit Metal City”. The story tells of an ordinary and timid young man, Soichi Negishi, who agonizes over the disparity between the side of him that deeply loves stylish pop music, and the other side that is worshipped as “Johannes Krauser II”, emperor of the death metal world of “Detroit Metal City”.
This animation was linked with the live-action film and given the destructive and ultra-unique content, both the animation and movie became hot topics.
The voice of the heroine, Yuri Aikawa, was played by Masami Nagasawa, known to be a big fan of the manga. Joining the animation production as guests were Kenichi Matsuyama and Rosa Kato of the live action film. One of the highlights of this animation is the star-studded cast and staff including Riki Takeuchi, known as the “Emperor of the Straight-to-Video Movies” playing the antagonist and Hideki Kaji, a charismatic figure in the Shibuya music scene who produced the ending theme music.


Dir. Hiroshi Nagahama

©2008 Anime “Detroit Metal City” Production Committee