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Genius Party Beyond

MOVIE 2008/82min

#1 [Mahiro Maeda | GALA]
Depicted in a mostly playful manner, a gagaku-fantasy as never ever seen before!

#2 [Kazuto Nakazawa | MOONDRIVE]
Taking place in a city on the Moon, an out-of-common-sense animation about a Moondrive aimed at the “Giants Island”mentioned on a treasure map.

#3 [Shinya Ohira | “Wanwa” the Doggy]
With grateful heart to Mom... A little boy kicks his start for a dream adventure!

#4 [Tatsuyuki Tanaka | Tojin Kit]
An everyday life pleasantly disturbed by industrial noise covering everything. A little girl had embedded a mysterious being inside a puppet, and brought it to life...

#5 [Koji Morimoto | Dimension Bomb]
A lonely character, his pains, his happiness, the vociferations of his soul. A visual poetry running through one’s inner world, to finally get through the limits, into a new dimension.

©Genius Party Beyond