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Volvic Commercial Film

CM 2012/30sec

TVCM for mineral water. Hidekazu Ohara directed the commercial. His credits as animator and CM director include such ingenious commercials as “Qoo” and a CM for Shiseido men’s cosmetics “Slam Dunk version”. He is also known for his work as a character designer on “Cannon Fodder”, one of three stories that comprise the STUDIO4℃ theatrical title, “Memories”. Takahiro Sakurai, the popular voice actor, preserved the brisk image of France’s Auvergne in his narration. Additionally, Katsuhiro Otomo, the person responsible for creating a frenzy both domestically and internationally with “AKIRA” and “Steam Boy”, received a lot of attention when he joined the project to design characters.


Dir. : Hidekazu Ohara
Characters : Katsuhiro Otomo

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