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PES(Peace Eco Smile)

WEB 2012

PES(Peace Eco Smile) is a collaboration between Toyota and innovative creative group STUDIO4ºC. The story tells of an alien who discovers the values and the joys of humans and a little about their cars. The joy of mobility, the value of safety and the importance of your own space are themes that are explored as the stories unfold.
This animation was released globally and entered into many worldwide events, including “Anime Expo 2012 (Los Angeles, CA)”, “Japan Expo Belgium”, and “Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2012”. In addition, collaborations between the characters “Na”, “Su”, and “Bi” (“NaSuBi” means “eggplant” in Japanese) and bookstores, restaurants, confectionary shops, and Japanese towel stores—actual establishments in Kichijoji—were actively introduced. Including the status updates on the web for the collaborations, many programs have been implemented to introduce “From Kichijoji to the World”.


Dir. Yuuichiro Hayashi

Space Ship