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Berserk: The Golden Age

MOVIE 2012-2013/288min

“BERSERK” is the mega hit dark fantasy comic created by Kentaro Miura that sold over 33 million copies worldwide. Guts is a swordsman with a single arm and a single eye who “hunts” the monsters known as “Apostles”, wielding his large sword. The ghastly visuals and profound drama have been realized in a theatrical trilogy based on the most popular of the original series, “Berserk The Golden Age Arc”, through a voluminous 288 minutes and 4,036 cuts, unprecedented in animated films.
Furthermore, aside from the obvious swordsmanship, armor, and weaponry, experts on Western culture, including those in architecture, fashion, and food were called together to supervise. The resulting elaborate world invites the audience into a Western fantasy world.
Susumu Hirasawa, who is admired by the author, composed the main theme song. And hit maker Shiro Sagisu was appointed to music. “BERSERK The Golden Age Arc” brought together a top-notch staff from various fields to “transmigrate” to the big screen a spectacular work that was said to be impossible to realize on film.


Dir.Toshiyuki Kubooka
2012 /
Berserk : The Golden Age Arc I - The High King’s Egg 82 min
Berserk : The Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for Doldrey 93 min
2013 /
Berserk : The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent 113 min

©Miura Kentaro (Studio Gaga)/Hakusensha/Berserk Film Partners

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