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MOVIE 2015/119 min

Keikaku (Project) Itoh, a novel writer who passed away in 2009 at the age of 34, bequeathed two full-length novels “Genocidal Organ” and “HARMONY,” and also 30 pages foreword of “THE EMPIRE OF CORPSES,” which was later finished by a sworn friend of Itoh, Tou Enjo. Titled as 【Project Itoh】, the three novels are theatrical animated and to be revealed. The novel HARMONY is often refereed to as a monument of Sci-Fi deathtopia and awarded literary awards both domestically and internatonally. STUDIO4℃ fully visualized the near-future world as well as the writing style of Itoh in the animiation.

It is a world reconstructed after the global chaos called the Maelstorm. In reaction to that event, the world put great value on extreme health-consciousness and societal harmony. But one girl, Miach Mihie, thinks of ways to defy this benevolent world. She and two other girls who are drawn to her attempt suicide. 13 years later, after having survived the suicide attempt, Tuan Kirie works on the front line of a peace keeping operation in a warzone. Suddenly, a criminal organization causes the deaths of several thousand people. Tuan suspects her old friend Miach, supposedly dead, is somehow involved and hits the road to prove whether Miach with a death wish is actually alive and well.


Director: Takashi Nakamura/ Michael Arias
Original character design:redjuice
Co-director・CGI director: Yusuke Hirota
Character designer・Supervising animation director: Takahiro Tanaka
Prop designer・Animation director: Kazuyoshi Takeuchi
Mechanics designer・Effect animation director: Koji Watanabe
Art director: Osamu Hasada/ Marefumi Niibayashi
Color designer: Kumiko Naruke
Editing:Kengo Shigemura
Sound designer:Koji Kasamatsu
Music:Yoshihiro Ike

Production committee:Project Itoh
© Project Itoh/HARMONY

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