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SHORT FILM 2016/24 min

Original Sci-Fi/ adventure film for kids by STUDIO4℃!

Due to the destruction of nature, the disruption of ecosystem, and also massive wars using nuclear bombs and biological weapons since 20 centuries, the earth fell into ruins. The ground was collapsed and polluted, and many kinds of plants and animals became extinct. The earth encountered the 6th mass extinction: The Big Six. During the time, humans built the aero police to save endangered species. In this isolated city in the sky, various animals evolved over the years through genetically modified mating. As a result, they started walking on two legs and acquired language. Today, they have built a civilization and lead peaceful lives. No one thinks of the outside, the terrestrial world any more――
One day, kids on the aero police find an unknown seed from the outside. And their adventure in the unseen terrestrial world starts! ――Without knowing that once they go down to the ground, they will never be able to come back…

This is a short film created in the Agency for Cultural Affairs Young Animator Training Program 2016. Now a feature film project is on going!!


Director・Character designer:Takahiro Tanaka
Animation director:Sanae Shimada
Instructing key animator:Yasuyuki Shimizu/ Rie Nishino/ Yoshiaki Kameda
Key animator:Yuki Takahashi/ Yoshiko Arahata/ Wakana Yamashina/ Satsuki Tamura
/ Sae Ozawa/ Kanako Takeuchi
In-between supervisor:Mitsunori Murata
Art director:Osamu Hasada
Color designer: Kumiko Naruke
CGI director: Akiko Saito
Editing:Rie Matsubara
Sound designer:Koji Kasamatsu
Production manager:Ryohei Fujihara
Producer:Tomoko Ogiwara

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